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Butler County Fire Police Association is a group of Fire Police Officers from twelve units throughout Butler County Pennsylvania. These Officers not only belong to the Association, but they also assist and train with each other.

Key responsibilities

Safety, Traffic Control, Crowd Control


Buffalo, Connoquenessing, cranberry twp., Adams area fire district, north Washington, Oakland twp. -- Oneida valley, Penn Twp., Petrolia, Portersville, Prospect, Saxonburg


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Favorite Links

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Contact Information

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Office phone

9-1-1 Emergency


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Current Projects

*   Fire Police Challenge

*  Fire Police Awareness

*  Fire Police Quick Response Team


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Zone Information

Zone One (Butler Township) Butler County 911

Zone Two (Townships of Venango, Allegheny, Washington, Parker, Concord, Fairview, Oakland, Donegal, Summit, Clearfield)

Zone Three (Townships of Penn, Jefferson, Winfield, Middlesex, Clinton, Buffalo)

Zone Four (Township of Cranberry)

Zone Five (Townships of Mercer, Marion, Slippery Rock, Cherry, Worth, Brady, Clay, Muddy Creek, Franklin, Center)

Zone Six (Townships of Lancaster, Connoquenessing, Jackson, Forward, Adams)


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                President              Eugene Bartlett

               Vice President         Harold Boyer


               Treasure              Jack Urling

               Board of Directors

                        Three Year Chuck Williams

                              Two Year    Dan Cox                                                                                                         

                        One Year     Ray Muser


Chaplain               Mark Norton

                   Zone Captains

                Zone One             John Eagle

                Zone Two            Chuck Williams

                Zone Three          Harold Boyer

                Zone Four           Jim Robinson

                Zone Five           Dave Wright                                   

Zone Six              Dan Cox   




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Last revised: Date 12/14/2019